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Meeting Stakeholders in Madeira

Our third stakeholder visit was a success! From May 1 - 5 the HuFoSS team (leaders of the stakeholder engagement within the project) visited the island of Madeira, where they met up with our colleagues in MARE - ARDITI. This trip was the second of our stakeholder engagement in Macaronesia and our third stakeholder visit overall (for information about our stakeholder engagement in the Tuscan Archipelago click here, and the Azores here).

Together, Marine SABRES researchers from HuFoSS and MARE-ARDITI visited the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo. In Madeira, we held a workshop with a diverse group of local stakeholders from sectors such as tourism and fishing at the University of Funchal.

The beautiful sights of Madeira and Porto Santo. Photos by Britt Thijssen, HuFoSS.

On Day 2, we traveled to Porto Santo by ferry and held another workshop at the local municipality building. This was followed by two more days of interviews with different stakeholders, to whom we are very grateful for their participation! Porto Santo means ‘Safe/holy harbour’ and a safe harbour it was! With its beautiful sandy beaches and enthusiastic participants, our visit couldn’t be more perfect.

The results of our workshops and interviews will inform the design of our simple socio-ecological system, which incorporates the “priority components” identified by stakeholders, including the main activities, pressures, ecosystem components, and societal actors in the area. Stakeholder involvement is a key part of Marine SABRES and actors from policy, business, Coastal Zone Management, science, NGOs, and society will be involved in every stage of the project.

Our invaluable stakeholders and the Marine SABRES team. Photos by Britt Thijssen, HuFoSS.

The HuFoSS team is composed of Hermann Hummel, Britt Thijssen, Rob Segeren, Bram Sturm, Josephine Koopman, who were joined by Ana Dinis and Paola Parretti from MARE-ARDITI.

Next stop: Canary Islands, July 17 – 21!


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