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Conducting Stakeholder Engagement in Capraia

Our stakeholder engagement activities are well underway! Stakeholder engagement forms an essential part of the Marine SABRES project and guides our work to co-design an effective and simple socio-ecological system framework for marine management.

Views of the island of Capraia.

From 20-24 February, our researchers from HuFoSS and the University of Pisa convened on the island of Capraia to begin stakeholder interviews and surveys. Capraia is located in the Tuscan Archipelago, which is one of our three research sites.

During the visit, we interviewed relevant stakeholders for the Tuscan Archipelago and the island of Capraia in particular, representing each of the four different categories of stakeholders defined at the start of the project. Stakeholders included, among others, employees of the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), diving clubs, fishermen from Capraia, and colleagues from the Biology Department of the University of Pisa.

We’re looking forward to sharing the results of our stakeholder engagement work in the future! Next stop: Macaronesia!

Above: The University of Pisa and HuFoSS team poses for a group photo on Capraia, including Herman Hummel, Britt Thijssen, and Bram Sturm (HuFoSS); and Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi, Iacopo Bertocci and Caterina Mintrone and Elena Maggi (University of Pisa).

Take a look at a video of the trip created by Britt Thijssen of HuFoSS below!


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