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Postcards from Iceland: Video Interviews

In October, our project partners gathered together in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland for three days of collaboration and discussion. While we were there, our partners at LifeWatch ERIC captured interviews with each of our research leads, which we are delighted to now share with you! Above, hear from Project Coordinator Emma Verling about the aims of Marine SABRES.

Each interview is now available on a dedicated YouTube playlist, which you can find here. Make sure to subscribe to be notified when new videos are posted.

Our partners at LifeWatch ERIC also created the video below, highlighting the beauty of the Icelandic landscape. Iceland is part of our Arctic Northeast Atlantic research site, where we are currently examining the effects of climate change and changing oceanographic conditions on fisheries. Marine SABRES researchers in Iceland, the Faroe, and Greenland will be identifying ways to implement ecosystem-based management to improve the sustainability of the region's fisheries and aquaculture. Visit our Arctic-Northeast Atlantic research site page to learn more.

These videos are part of a new channel on the LifeWatching Science Channel platform, which brings you video content on biodiversity and ecosystem research. Visit the channel at



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