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Developing Targeted Solutions for Biodiversity and Climate Sustainability and Resilience

We'd like to share with you a quick update from the Work Package 5 Team about their work in the first year of the project..

artisan fishing boats in Gran Canaria
Artisan fishing boats in Gran Canaria. Photo: Britt Thijssen

Work Package (WP) 5 aims at developing targeted solutions. For this purpose, WP5 is:

  1. Developing and testing socio-economic scenarios

  2. Assessing the economic costs and benefits that achieving these scenarios will imply

  3. Quantifying the incentives and behavioural changes needed to achieve the transformation these scenarios require

  4. Developing innovative governance approaches to achieve climate, biodiversity and sustainability targets.

During the first year of Marine SABRES, WP5 researchers have primarily focuse on developing socio-economic scenarios (Task #1 above), while conducting preparatory work on the remaining three tasks. This year, we developed scenarios based on biodiversity conservation and international climate targets, which have been applied to the research sites (also called the 'demonstration areas') of the project. We have incorporated insights from stakeholders, narratives and spatial datasets, and different scenarios are proposed as a set of possible alternatives in support of decision-making.

A final report for this task is in preparation, and will be titled “Scenarios to reach biodiversity sustainability and climate targets”. This Report adapts the RCP and SCP climate scenarios to our three research sites. The final goal is to develop a vision for pathways towards transformation vis-à-vis current and future challenges across several socio-economic sectors.



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